Here’s a few tips to making sure you wont make any money off your website:

  1. Get a website – that no one can find
  2. Make sure you have full creative control of the website, even though you aren’t a graphic designer
  3. Pretend you have a ‘brand’, and don’t advertise it
  4. Keep overheads down over and above service provision from your webhost (afterall you aren’t the one that deals with them)
  5. Have a product idea, and do no research
  6. Price everything too high, (or too low even)
  7. Pretend that Facebook and all that Social Networking is free
  8. Do no research on your customer (because after all your product idea is so great isn’t it?)
  9. Do no research on your competitor (because they’re not as smart as you right?)
  10. Overestimate how many people are going to buy your product

And there’s plenty more, but if you want to know more about how to make your site convert successful money in the bank while you sleep then contact me for a free appraisal of what you’re doing right, and where there’s a gap for you to glean more revenue:

I’m based in Los Angeles 90230, right next to Sony Studios, where I spend much of my time working either online or at the local coffee shops meeting with local business clients from the film and media industry going over their local site build and SEO.

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